Modern Mentoring by Randy Emelo

Modern Mentoring

Book Title: Modern Mentoring

Publisher: Association for Talent Development

ISBN: 1562869337

Author: Randy Emelo

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Randy Emelo with Modern Mentoring

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If you want to do more with mentoring, you’ve found the right book.

The notion that only the most experienced members of an organization can guide a few promising go-getters no longer applies in today’s business world. In Modern Mentoring, Randy Emelo advocates for a vastly different mentoring practice. Drawing from a rich career, he explains why organizations should consider all employees potential mentors, making everyone both advisors and learners.

Modern Mentoring offers a blueprint for success with a model that benefits more than the select few and steers clear of forcing connections between people. Emelo demonstrates that a culture in which people choose what they want to learn and whom they learn from, while increasing overall organizational intelligence, is completely within reach.

In this book you will learn:

·        *  what it takes to grow a modern mentoring culture

·        *  which tools to use as you facilitate organization-wide mentoring

·        *  how organizations like Monsanto and Humana benefit from modern mentoring.